Sayo’s Gallery

IMG_3715I visited many countries in Europe, and during the journey, I’ve seen many galleries.

Through looking at many great artists, my sense of beauty and lifestyle deeply resonates with the artistic movement of Chinoiserie; the fusion of the East and the West, and myself born in Japan, but staying more than half of my life in UK.

Also I am inspired by Feng Shui I learnt from a English geomancer which fits with my artistic direction.

Many of my recent works are clearly influenced by modern Chinoiserie and Feng Shui.

As a human being and as a women, through various challenges and experience, I believe that the most important theme is Happiness.

Through my art I would like to express love & hope, and I wish it can uplift the feeling of the viewers.

Roses without Thorns series

Modern Chinoiserie series



© 2019-2020 Sayo Ouchi

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