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10月に描いた新作です。Roses Without Thorns というタイトルで、3っのキャンバスのシリーズです。ストレスの多い世の中とは言われますが、絵を通して人の心をヒーリングできればと思った次第です。自分自身をイバラの上に置かず、優しさに包んで欲しい。弟が仕事や家庭のことで精神的に何度も病んでしまうので、絵を部屋に飾って元気出して欲しいなとシンプルな想いから描きました。

These are my new art work finished in October. Set of 3 piece canvas art named “Roses Without Thorns”. It is a stressful world,  but I thought that I could heal people’s hearts though painting. Do not put yourself on the thorns, be kind to yourself. I drew it from a simple feeling that hope to cheer up my younger brother who having a hard time with his work and family.

Mixed Media 500mm x 500mm

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I was interviewed in a London Japanese magazine in July for art special feature.

magazine interview

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YouTube : SAYOism-ART Channel


Added English version of my Gallery : Please Click here.

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